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Try this Method for Cleaning Your Baseboards

Time and time again we see baseboards so heavily caked with stuck on dust that there's no way to clean them without the paint coming up which in turn means having to repaint them entirely. Over time, dust becomes fossilized and it simply cannot be removed. Although they get dirty quickly, baseboards are a common area in homes that often get overlooked or put to the back burner when it comes to cleaning. When cleaned regularly, cleaning them is quick and easy! Keep reading for our go-to method!

- Vacuum your baseboards with the brush attachment on your vacuum. Trust us, the brush really does make a huge difference. We always use them on our baseboards for regular cleans anyway so that we can stretch the time needed between deep cleaning your baseboards.

- We use a gallon of hot water and 1/2 a tsp powdered Tide to wipe down our baseboards with but you can use hot water with dish soap and a little vinegar if you’d like. Dip a cloth into your cleaning solution and ring out as much water as possible so that your cloth is not dripping wet.

- You can use a cleaning toothbrush if you need a little scrubbing to help but be gentle! You don't want to chip away any paint. You can also use q-tips dipped in your cleaning solution to get into grooves if you have them.

- Mr. Clean Magic Erasers come in handy here! In between deep cleans of baseboards we like to spot clean the more exposed areas with the erasers when needed.

- Don't forget to thoroughly dry your baseboards by wiping them down with a clean, dry cloth when you're done cleaning them. Not only does dust and grime stick to wet surfaces, you also don't want to ruin your baseboards by leaving them wet which happens when too much water soaks into the wood over time.

- After you’re done you can rub down your baseboards with dryer sheets. This helps prevent dust from settling for a little longer.

- For in between deep cleanings, you can use a swiffer or mop to wipe down your baseboards quickly.

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