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Messes that Mr. Clean Magic Erasers Were Made For

Magic erasers are a staple in our cleaning cart because they can be used on some many messes that nothing else will get up! All you need is a little water and maybe some elbow grease to see the magic at work. Below are some of the messes that magic erasers are our go-to for:

- Crayon Marks

- Pencil Marks

- Washable Marker Marks

- Scuff Marks

- Dry Paint Splatters (we've cleaned many painter's homes with paint splatters all over their sinks, countertops, floors, tables, etc. and magic erasers are the easiest to use!)

- Dried Food Stains

- Coffee & Tea Stains

- Soap Scum (not much else gets that stubborn soap scum up!)

Magic Erasers can be used on almost any surface but it's important to test a small area before cleaning with any product, just in case! Always use caution on painted surfaces and any surface where you don't want to dull the shine as well as natural stone surfaces. Reading product instructions is always good practice for any product! Here are a few areas we use the magic erasers on regularly:

- Tubs & Showers

- Walls

- Floors

- Sinks

- Backsplash

- Countertops

- Oven Glass

- Inside of Microwaves

- and much more!

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