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Cleaning Your Dining Room

Dining rooms are some of the most overlooked rooms when it comes to cleaning homes leaving plenty of time for dust and grime to collect. Some of the dirtiest areas that we most commonly see in homes are the edges of tables as well as their legs and all over dining chairs because people tend to forget to clean them. Since dining rooms aren’t typically high on the priority list of rooms needing to be regularly cleaned, we tend to see more dust on light fixtures, window sills, shelves, etc. The more often you use a room, the amount of people in your home, and whether or not you have pets all play into how often you should be deep cleaning your home. Here's a checklist that you can use as a guide when cleaning your dining areas:

- Window Panes, Sills, and Trim (Curtains and Blinds need cleaning every so often as well)

- Doors, Door Handles, Door Trim

- Light Switches and Outlet Covers

- Walls

- Baseboards

- Light Fixtures

- Any Shelves or Furniture including Tops and All Sides

- All Decor including Mirrors and Edges of Picture Frames

- Tops, Sides, and Legs of Tables

- All Chair Surfaces

- Floors, especially Underneath Tables and Chairs

Each room in a home needs a thorough cleaning on a fairly regular basis which should include moving furniture to clean underneath and behind it, wiping walls, scrubbing baseboards, and cleaning other hard to reach areas that aren’t a part of a typical quick wipe down. Work from top to bottom so as dust falls, you aren't creating more work for yourself. Start on the farthest corner and work your way out, working in sections so that you don't miss anything. Remember to look at all areas from different angles to catch dirty spots that you may not see at first glance.


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