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Our Go-To for Bathroom Cleans

- Remove everything and vacuum up as much as possible.

- If you’re going to clean any window tracks, do this first because you’ll probably get dirt everywhere. Vacuum around it when you’re done.

- Pick a starting point and work in a circle from there, top to bottom. This helps you not miss anything.

- Always change out your water after cleaning the toilets.

- The lesson we’ve learned when it comes to glass shower doors is that elbow grease is key to removing soap scum. The one thing we have found that makes the job easier is using micro-fiber towels!

- Tops of bathrooms always tend to be dusty. I think it’s because it doesn’t get cleaned as often. Especially the tops of showers.

- Don’t forget your walls, baseboards, doors, and trim. These always need a good cleaning to keep dirt from fossilizing.

- Don’t be afraid to vacuum even more as you go. If you come up on dust or hair you’ve missed, vacuuming it up will be easier than trying to wipe it all up.

- Clean everything before you put it back. Most everything in a bathroom always needs to be wiped down. Soap dispensers, shampoo bottles, you name it.

- Clean your mirrors last before you do the floors. Cleaning will splash water on them and you’ll just need to clean them again when you’re done.

- Bathrooms take a good amount of time. There are a lot of surfaces that need a good scrubbing usually. This is a space that gets used a lot so expect it to need more TLC.

- Floors come last. Vacuum them again and then mop. It’s easiest to mop the floor on your hands and knees with a cloth, especially in the tight spaces like next to the toilet.

- Make a habit of washing your shower curtains and liners every few month.

- To help with smells, put a little toilet bowl cleaner in the bottom of your toilet brush holder. You can also add a few drops of your favorite essential oil smell in the bottom of your garbage can and on the inside of your toilet paper rolls.

Do you have any favorite bathroom cleaning tips?

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