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How to Vacuum Your Carpet the Right Way

It may seem like vacuuming carpet is a simple enough task that one wouldn't need any tips for how to do it effectively, but there's always a way to improve those important parts of cleaning routines!

  1. Clean Your Vacuum Regularly - Check your vacuum's manual for a specific guide on how often to clean your vacuum filters as well as how to do it properly. Filters will need to be cleaned fairly often depending on how much you use your vacuum, whether you have pets, etc. It's also important to let your filter, as well as any other parts that you clean, dry thoroughly before using them. Your entire vacuum will need to be completely taken apart every so often and cleaned thoroughly as well. Without this maintenance, your vacuum will not only fail to work properly but it will also cut the life of your vacuum cleaner down tremendously. If you wait too long to clean it, it will be even harder to get it as clean as it needs to be. Taking the time to clean your vacuum will make a huge difference in its effectiveness.

  2. Take it Slow - It's easy to want to rush through vacuuming because it already takes time and most people don't find it enjoyable; however, taking a little extra time to slow down and really let your vacuum do the work makes a huge difference, and is worth it! The brush on your beater bar is there to agitate the carpet which results in dirt and debris emerging to be sucked up. If you're vacuuming too quickly, you're not giving your vacuum enough time to do its job well. Additionally, take your time and check the canister as you are vacuuming to make sure it doesn't fill up before you finish.

  3. Vacuum in Both Directions - In order to get up all of the dust in your home, you should be vacuuming your carpets in all directions. It sounds tedious but just like vacuuming slowly, this allows the carpet fibers to be agitated enough to cause debris to be knocked loose and sucked away.

  4. Take Advantage of All Components - Each component and accessory to your vacuum cleaner has a purpose. They're there to make your job easier, so use them! Brushes and bristles that attach to your hose are great for getting stuck on dust off of baseboards and other areas. The hose itself can reach areas that your entire vacuum cannot. Utilize the settings for hardwood/tile vs. carpets/rugs to aid in properly cleaning each type of floor surface.

  5. Get in the Corners - Make sure to use the hose attachment on your vacuum to get in the tight corners of the room. The edges where your furniture or the wall meets the floor as well as the thresholds of the room where floor surfaces change can hide dirt and debris. If you only sweep with a broom or vacuum with the beater bar, any dirt that gets left behind is usually pushed to these corners.

  6. Move Furniture - The bottom line is, if you're not moving furniture, you're not getting the whole floor clean. While some pieces of furniture are permanent fixtures, the vast majority can be moved. Those that can be moved often have dirt and dust hiding underneath them. Additionally, the bottoms of furniture legs often trap dust and hair; make sure you check this spot, or this debris will get left behind each time the piece of furniture is moved.

If you haven't been vacuuming any of these ways, we urge you to try it out and see if you can tell a difference!

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