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Comprehensive Cleaning Check-List

How often certain areas of your home need cleaning depends on each home and their individual needs; however, this can give you a good overall check-list to ensure nothing in your home gets missed. The more you regularly clean each part of your home the less stressful it will be, the less time it will take, the simpler maintaining cleanliness in your home will be, and the easier your life will become! The list may seem daunting at first but the more you keep up with regular cleanings, the less time it will take. You may even notice that some areas need cleaning less often.


  • Wash/Replace Hand Towels

  • Wipe Down Countertops, Surface Areas, Hot Spots (door knobs, light switches, etc.)

  • Scrub Inside and Outside of Toilet

  • Scrub Showers and Tubs

  • Clean Sinks and Faucets

  • Change Sheets

  • Shake Out/Wash Rugs

  • Clean Mirrors

  • Quick Fridge Clean Out (throw out spoiled items, wipe up any spills)

  • Wipe Down Backsplash and Outside of Appliances in Kitchen

  • Wipe Out Inside and Wipe Down Outside of Microwave

  • Wipe Down Outside of Trash Cans

  • Clean Out Pet Food/Water Bowls, Pet Beds, and Pet Areas

  • Wipe Down Table including Legs and Chairs

  • Wipe Fronts of Cabinets

  • Dust Light Fixtures and Ceiling Fans

  • Wipe Doors and Door Frames (these areas get touched often!)

  • Dust Baseboards (these collect dust quickly and you don't want it to become fossilized! It happens quicker than you think so regular maintenance goes a long way)

  • Dust Vents (especially ceiling vents/bathroom vents)

  • Vacuum Underneath Furniture Cushions

  • Tidy/Declutter each Room

  • Vacuum/Mop Floors


  • Closet Floors

  • Wash Out Inside of Trash Cans

  • Wash Shower Curtains and Liners

  • Wash Throw Pillow Covers, Cushion Covers, and Throw Blankets

  • Wash Comforter/Duvet

  • Clean Windows and Wipe Down their Frames/Sills

  • Dust Blinds, Curtains, Curtain Rods

  • Replace HVAC Filters and Dust Covers

  • Clean Dishwasher Filter

  • Clean Inside of Dishwasher

  • Clean Vacuum Filter

  • Replace Kitchen Sponges

  • Deep Clean of Refrigerator and Freezer

  • Clean Hood Range Filters

  • Clean Window and Sliding Door Tracks

  • Dust Lampshades

  • Wipe Out Inside of Cabinets and Drawers

  • Clean Inside and Outside of Washer and Dryer

  • Clean Washer Filter

  • Wipe Down Walls

  • Wipe Down Baseboards

  • Vacuum Mattress

  • Dust Decor

  • Dust Top of Walls Next to Ceiling

  • Clean Underneath Furniture that Needs to be Moved (couches, etc.)

  • Underneath Large Rugs


  • Wash Curtains and Blinds

  • Clean Hard to Reach Areas (underneath beds, under and behind refrigerator, etc.)

  • Inside of Oven

  • Deep Clean Individual Rooms/Closets

  • Purge, Declutter, Organize

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