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Areas Most Overlooked When Cleaning

As full-time house cleaners, we are in a lot of homes and up close with areas that most homeowners don't see throughout their daily routine. Every home, no matter how clean, (unless it's brand new, of course) has at least one spot that gets overlooked. As you look for areas to clean and start scrubbing from different angles, dirty spots tend to pop out that typically stay hidden. Below are just a few examples of the most popular areas we see that tend to be forgotten about.

  1. Closet Floors

  2. Door + Window Frames

  3. Remote Controls

  4. Outlets + Light Switches

  5. Return Vents

  6. Table Legs + Chair Legs

  7. Inside + Outside of Trash Bins

  8. Tops of Backs of Dining Chairs

  9. Shower Curtains (including Liners)

  10. Window Curtains

  11. Inside + Edges of Cabinet Doors

  12. Behind Picture Frames (Wall + Frame itself)

  13. Underneath Large Rugs

  14. Door Handles

  15. Edges of Doors

  16. Edges of Countertops + Tables

  17. Silverware Drawers

Are there any areas we missed? What spots happen to get skipped in your home?

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