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A Few Ways to Make the Most Out of Your House Cleaning

Make sure every penny you spend is worth it! Often times, these can be things you might not even think about when someone else is coming into your home to clean it. Anything that could impact your cleaning is important for you to be aware of.

  1. De-Cluttering - The less time your cleaners spend doing the basics, the more time they have to tackle the things you can't get to everyday. This makes it harder to clean and disrupts the flow. Additionally, moving objects to clean around them can cause dust to be transferred onto clean surfaces. You also won't see near as big of an overall difference in the cleanliness of your home if it is cluttered.

2. Hot Water - Water needs to be HOT for a cleaning. Not only does it make the job easier, things just don't get as clean with lukewarm water. Make sure that your water is able to get hot and if it can't, wait about a cleaning until that gets fixed. If only certain faucets get your water hot, make sure they are readily accessible. You'll also want to make sure that the faucet and area underneath is not too small or tight in order for cleaning buckets to fit underneath them.

3. Light - Believe it or not, we've showed up to homes without working lights. Without light, your cleaners WILL miss things. It's impossible to do an adequate job when you can't see all of your workspace. Windows can only let so much light in and if it's not bright out, it barely makes a difference. Also, make sure the lights in each room that are being cleaned let off a good amount of light to illuminate all areas of the room.

4. Working Outlets - Sometimes, clients homes will have entire rooms with no working outlets. If you know that some of your outlets don't work (or if they are not easily accessible), let your cleaner know ahead of time. They can bring extension cords or you can set working ones out for them. Without it, their equipment might not can reach every surface resulting in an incomplete clean.

5. Working Drains - Technically, your home can still be cleaned without working drains. However, it can be frustrating and hard to work around. Sometimes things like this can't be avoided and that's okay! This is just another thing you should bring up to your cleaner beforehand so that they're aware. In addition, your sinks (or wherever the non-working drain is located) probably won't get near as clean as they should and this will also cut into your cleaners' time.

6. Being Upfront about Your Expectations - When booking your cleaning, it's important to be honest about what you're looking for in a cleaning to ensure that you have found the right match. Additionally, letting your cleaner know exactly what the state of your home is as well as which spaces you need cleaned helps them to be prepared. If you have questions or would like something specific to be done, telling them ahead of time makes sure that it gets taken care of. Otherwise, they might not have the time or equipment to get to it. We recommend carefully looking over all of the information they provide regarding their services. This can give you an overall idea of whether or not they offer a cleaning that best fits your home and family as well as help you think of important things to ask/tell them! If you don't pay attention to their policies ahead of time, it could result in your expectations not being met in various ways. Don't think that your cleaners will just overlook things or let them go since they're already there. They have policies for a reason and they're important to follow!

Nothing is more frustrating for you or your cleaners than an incomplete house cleaning due to issues that could have been prevented!


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